Calendar of Events & Rentals



2023 Events

February 2023

February 4 Fall River School Employee Holiday Party -Oaks Bar

February 5 Dowdell Bithday Party 12-3

February 7 Chamber Meeting

February 11 Arrows & Antlers Banquet ~ Oaks Bar**

February 13 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

February 18 Fall River Pirate Foundation Card Party ~ Oaks Bar**  

February 25 Tara Selk Baby Shower 

February 27 Prairie Ridge Holiday Dinner -Oaks Bar

March 2023

March 3 Paint Night with Art on the Town: Wisconsin - Oaks Bar/Food- For tickets call 920-210-3255 or 920-484-6257

March 4th Tatiana Buhler Baby Shower

March 7 Chamber Meeting

March 11 Spring Sportsman's Show 8:30 am to 3:00 pm * Interested Vendors should contact Al Sauer at 608-345-7765**

March 12 Clark Birthday Party

March 13 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

March 18 Roni Jakel-Sanders Benefit -Oaks Bar

April 2023

April 3 Ducks Unlimited Banquet Set Up

April 4 Ducks Unlimited Banquet- Oaks Bar and Oaks Cater

April 10 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

April 11 Madison Area Foundation Banquet -Oaks Bar and Oaks Cater

April 15 Reverse Raffle -Oaks Bar and Cater

April 25 Columbia County HCE Banquet -Oaks Cater

April 29 Patrick/Maloney Baby Shower

May 2023

May 2 Chamber Meeting

May 6 Randolph High School Prom

May 8 Savanna Oaks board Meeting

May 13 Celebration of Life 

May 20 Schumann Printing 60 Year Celebration -Oaks Bar

May 21 Tramburg Wedding Shower

May 25 Farmer's Market

May 27 Surprise Birthday Party

May 28 Gazdecki-Castleberg Wedding Rental Oaks Bar and Cater

June 2023

June 1 Farmer's Market

June 3 Weisensel Party

June 4 Miller Graduation Party

June 6 Chamber Meeting

June 8 Farmer's Market

June 9 Levanduski-Huettl Wedding

June 10 Sullivan Graduation Party

June 11 Boetcher Graduation Party

June 12 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

June 14 Wedding Ceremony Chris Eull

June 15 Farmer's Market

June 22 Farmer's Market

June 24 Hunt Graduation Party

June 25 Shelly Graduation Party

June 29 Farmer's Market

July 2023    

July 1 Clark Graduation Party

July 6 Farmer's Market

July 10 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

July 11 Chamber Meeting

July 13 Farmer's Market

July 20 Farmer's Market

July 22 Hendricks Family Reunion

July 27 Farmer's Market

August 2023

August 3 Farmer's Market

August 8 Chamber Meeting

August 10 Farmer's Market

August 12 FRHS Alumni Banquet

August 14 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

August 17 Farmer's Market

August 24 Farmer's Market

August 31 Farmer's Market

September 2023

September 5 Chamber Meeting

September 11 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

September 16 Sorghum Fest

October 2023

October 3 Chamber Meeting

October 9 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting 

November 2023

November 7 Chamber Meeting

November 13 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

November 18 & 19 Holiday Market/Fair

December 2023

December 2 Weiner Family Christmas

December 5 Chamber Meeting

December 11 Savanna Oaks Board Meeting

December 25 Wodill Family Christmas Party

Welcome to Savanna Oaks!

Savanna Oaks Community Center is located 3 miles from Columbus.  We are a short 12 minute drive from Sun Prairie and only 20 minutes from the East side of Madison.  Why pay high rental prices for booking your next event, come out to the Oaks and save $$$.

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